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Dosage of viagra pills and side effects

Nowadays viagra pills are playing an essential role in countering many sex related problems. Many people from all over the world are getting affected by various sexual performance disorders and have to resort to these pills for treatment. Owing to this increase in demand, manufacturers of the pills are getting a lot of profit.

Treatment for sexual problems has been present since the old ages. Due to major developments within the field of medicine, the age old treatment techniques have been improved and the new results included in making viagra pills. These pills are supposed to be taken about 45 minutes prior to having sex so as to get a firmer and longer erection. 

One of the main questions that most people ask is how these enhancement pills work? They increase the blood supply to the veins of the penis and hence their prolonged use can result in longer and stronger penis. Moreover, they are effective in countering erection dysfunction. This problem mainly occurs when individuals are not aroused sexually during sex. Viagra pills trigger the nerves present in the penis and aid in proper sexual arousal for a long time. 

These pills can be found easily in any medical stores. Individuals can also order them over the internet. They are quite cost effective and hence can be afforded by all. Many people can attest to the fact that the pills have enabled them boost the sexual experience with their partners. 

Viagra is currently the most popular drug for impotence patients as well as the sexually active alike. Due to its powerful nature, only qualified doctors allowed to prescribe this drug. Many online stores which offer the pills actually stock the outlawed or generic forms of the drug. A single pill of the drug can cost from two to ten dollars depending on the store one in purchasing from. Again, the generic versions of the drugs which are offered in the online stores are less effective than the genuine thing. Viagra takes around a half-hour to more than 1 hour to take effect.

Viagra pills sometimes cause reactions when consumed by certain individuals. Some of the Viagra dosage, side effects include dizziness, sneezing, flushing, headaches, photo-phobia, dyspepsia, heart attacks, palpitations and strokes.

Adverse or serious side effects caused by the drug are rare, however they can transpire if one overdoses. Only the mild side effects occur more frequently. Reports from various users of the drug indicate that only few individuals fall prey to the adverse consequences of Viagra dosage, side effects.

So, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and finding it hard to make your partner happy, make sure you seek advice from your doctor before resorting to these male enhancement products. They are great and can work miracles in increasing your manhood but they can as well be a danger to your health. Usually sexual problems diminish the self confidence of a person and make him feel depressed. But with the advent of Viagra pills, you can easily get over your problem and attain a confident and charismatic personality in no time.